Cass Farm Multiple Property Submission

The buildings and districts shown below are components of the National Historic Register’s Cass Farm Multiple Property Submission.  The name Cass Farms is used since this area was owned by Lewis Cass.  Cass led troops in the Detroit area during the War of 1812.  On October 29, 1813, President James Madison appointed him as Governor of the Michigan Territory whose capital was in Detroit.  He served as territorial governor until August 1, 1831 when he accepted President Andrew Jackson’s offer to serve as Secretary of War.  Cass ran unsuccessfully for president in 1848 and then served as one of Michigan’s Senators from 1849 to 1857 when he accepted an appointment to serve as President James Buchanan’s Secretary of State, but resigned in 1860 because of his disagreements with the president’s handling of the secession and slavery issues.

Cass Davenport Historic District
a triangle bounded by Cass, Davenport and Martin Luther King

Chapel of St. Theresa, the Little Flower 47 Parsons Street

Detroit Edison, Willis Avenue Plant  50 West Willis

Detroit-Columbia Central Office Building    32 Selden Street

Graybar Electric Company Building/Lofts 55 West Canfield

Hotel Stevenson/Milner Hotel  40 Davenport Street

League of Catholic Women Building  100 Parsons Street

Saints Peter and Paul Academy   64 Parsons Street

Warren-Prentice Historic District   Prentis, Forest, Hancock and
south side of West Warren from Woodward to Third

West Canfield Historic District  West Canfield between Second and Third

Willis-Selden Historic District  Willis, Alexandrine and Selden from Woodward to Third


One structure formally included in the Cass Farms Multiple Property Submission has been razed:

   Robert M. and Matilda Kitch Grindley House   123 Parsons Street


List prepared: March 3, 2009

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