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NR – This indicates that the site is also listed on the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places
MI - This indicates that the site is also listed on the State of Michigan’s Office of Historic Prservation’s Registry of Historic Sites

Note: The date when the historic district designation became effective is shown. This list was prepared in November, 2006 and includes historic districts designated by the city’s Historic Designation Board through March, 2003.

Atkinson Avenue Historic District, March 26, 1984 — Atkinson Avenue between Linwood and the John Lodge Freeway

Arden Park-East Boston Historic District, May 28, 1981 NR MIArden Park and East Boston Boulevard between Oakland and

Art Center Music School Historic District, March 12, 1993 — 3971 and 3975 Cass Avenue

Barry Subdivision Historic District, June 13, 1978 — Dwight and Fiske, Lodge and Parkview from East Jefferson to Dwight

Bagley Memorial Fountain, 1974 NR MICampus Martius

Frank H. Beard School Historic District, March 16, 1984 — 840 Watermen

Bethel-New Harmony Church Historic District, October 4, 1996 — 2445 Mt. Elliott

B'nai Moshe – St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Zion Historic District, October 19, 1998 — 11359 to 11411 Dexter Avenue

Boston-Edison Historic District, 1974 NR MIWest Boston, Chicago, Edison and Longfellow from Woodward to Linwood

Breitmeyer-Tobin Building, February 16, 1979 NR MI1308 Broadway

Brightmoor Neighborhood Home of B.E. Taylor, Listed in 200815378 Lamphere at Keeler in Detroit’s Brightmoor Neighborhood

R. Thornton Brodhead Armory Historic District, October 8, 2001 NR MI7600 East Jefferson
Note: The National Register of Historic Places identifies this building as the Detroit Naval Armory.

Brush Park Historic District, JCC 3461 66, February 8, 1980 NR MIBounded, approximately, by Beaubien, the Fisher Freeway, Mack and Woodward
Note: In the National and State of Michigan historic registers, this district is called Woodward East

Lee Burt House Historic District, October 25, 1985 — 420 Concord

Capitol Park Historic District, At the intersection of Griswold, State and Shelby in downtown Detroit

Cass Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, April 14, 1987 NR MI3901 Cass Avenue

Cass Park Historic District, Cass Park and all buildings that face Cass Park in downtown Detroit which is bounded by Second, Ledyard, Temple and Third Streets

Chalfonte Apartments Historic District, March 5, 1985 — 8643 East Jefferson and 915 Fischer

Alexander Chapoton House Historic District, October 24, 1986 NR MI511 Beaubien

Church of Our Savior, March 9, 1979 — 9950 Harper at Cadillac and Gratiot

Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, April 27, 19888715 Woodward between Blaine and Gladstone in Detroit’s Upper Piety Row

Corktown Historic District, JCC 2342 2347, December 24, 1984 NR MIBounded, roughly, by Bagley, the John Lodge Freeway, Michigan, Rosa Parks Boulevard, Porter and Trumbull

Croul-Palms House Historic District, March 26, 1984 NR MI1394 East Jefferson

Detroit Cornice and Slate Building, 1971 NR MI733 Saint Antoine

Detroit Dry Dock Company Dry Dock and Engine Works Complex District, #83004859, 1983 1801 Atwater Street at Orleans

East Ferry Historic District, July 17, 1981 NR MIEast Ferry between Beaubien and Woodward

East Grand Boulevard Historic District, — Both sides of East Grand Boulevard from Mack Avenue to East Jefferson

East Kirby Avenue Historic District, July 17, 1992 — 425 to 457 East Kirby

Elliott Building, December 17, 2001— 1403 Woodward at the intersection with Grand River in downtown Detroit

Engine House No. 11, June 13, 1978 NR MI2737 Gratiot

D.M. Ferry & Company Superintendent's House Historic District, June 22, 1987 — 612 East Ferry

Moses W. Field House Historic District, May 7, 1999 — 2541 Field

Finney Hotel, January 23, 1980 — At the intersection of State and Griswold in Capitol Park

First Unitarian-Universalist Church, December 15, 1980 — 4605 Cass Avenue

Garfield Building Historic District, December 8, 2000 NR MI4612
Note: The State of Michigan and federal registries of historic places identify this location as the Edwin S. George Building.

Globe Tobacco Building Historic District, June 10, 1985 NR MI407 East Fort Street

Grand Army of the Republic Building Historic District, October 8, 2001 MI1942 Grand River Avenue

Grand Circus Park Historic District, August 26, 2002 NR MIAll properties on Adams, Park Avenue and Witherell adjacent to Grand Circus Park

Greater Shiloh Baptist Church Local Historic District, December 14, 1990 — 557 Benton

Hubbard Farms Historic District, January 29, 1993 — Bounded, approximately, by Clark Street, West Grand, West Lafayette, and West Vernor Highway

Indian Village Historic District, 1971 NR MIBounded by Burns, Iroquois, East Jefferson and Seminole

East Kirby Avenue Historic District, July 17, 1992 — 425,433,443 and 457 East Kirby

Lafayette Park/Mies Van der Rohe Historic District, February 17, 2003 NR MIBounded, approximately, by Antietam, East Lafayette, Orleans and Rivard
Note: The State of Michigan and federal registers of historic places identify this as the Mies van der Rohe Neighborhoods Historic District.

Nellie Leland School Historic District, March 3, 2003 — 1395 Antietam

Little Rock Church Historic District, February 26, 1993 — 9000 Woodward Avenue

Lower Woodward Avenue Historic District, December 17, 2001 NR MIThirty-four buildings facing Woodward south of Grand Circus Park but north of Campus Martius

David MacKenzie Home, June 13, 1978 NR MI4735 Cass
Note: The McKenzie home is included within the Wayne State University Historic District that is included in both the State of Michigan and federal registries.

Madison Harmonie Historic District, JCC 787 91, May 17, 1988 NR MIFour structures on Madison, three on East Grand River, two on Center and six on Randolph near Harmonie Park
Note: This area is identified as Detroit’s Germantown Historic District on the State of Michigan register of historic sites and as Harmonie Park on the National Register.

Maheras Park Historic District, December 5, 1997 — On the Detroit River at the foot of Connor

McGregor Carriage House Historic District, December 16, 1983 — 1995 East Woodbridge

James McMillan School Historic District, July 2, 2000 — 615 West End

Michigan Soldiers and Sailors Monument, 1974 NR MICampus Martius

Most Holy Trinity Historic District, JCC 2432 36, January 13, 1984 — 1050 Porter

Motor City Missionary Baptist Church Historic District, January 17, 2001 — 4461 28th Street

New Amsterdam Historic District, December 17, 2001 NR MI435, 450 and 6200 Amsterdam, 440 to 447 Burroughs, 5911 to 5919, 6001 and 6050 to 6160 Cass, 6100 to 6200 Second and 425 York

New Center Area Historic District, JCC 2600 07, November 22, 1982 — Virginia Park from Woodward to the Lodge Service Drive, the first two blocks of Seward and Delaware west of Woodward, Pallister and Bethune between Bethune Court and Third and the north side of Lothrop between Second and Third.

Philetus W. Norris House Historic District, August 14, 1995 NR17815 Mt. Elliott

Oakman Boulevard Historic District, October 6, 1989 — Oakman from Davison to Linwood excluding Linwood commercial properties and Oakman Court from Linwood to Oakman

Orchestra Hall, 1970 NR MI3711 Woodward

Palmer Woods Historic District, #83000896, August 11, 1983 — Bounded by Seven Mile, Strathcona and Woodward

Palms Apartment Building, March 14, 1980 NR MI1001 East Jefferson

Thomas A. Parker House Local Historic District, February 18, 1983 NR MI975 East Jefferson

Peterboro-Charlotte Historic District, August 10, 1984 — Includes the south side of Peterboro and the north side of Charlotte Street between Park Avenue and Woodward and the east side of Park Avenue between Peterboro and Charlotte

Peterboro-Charlotte Historic District Addition, August 14, 2001 — 3135-43, 3153-61 and 3169 Woodward

Piquette Historic DistrictThis historic district is bounded on the south by Woodward, on the west by the tracks of the Grand Trunk Railroad, on the north by Hastings Street and on the east by Harper

Russell Woods-Sullivan Area Historic District, November 12, 1999 — Bounded, approximately, by Waverly on the north, Dexter Boulevard on the east, Cortland Avenue on the south and Livernois on the east

St. Albertus Roman Catholic Church Local Historic District, January 26, 1979 NR MI4231 St. Aubin

St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Parish Local Historic District, JCC 781 86, June 20, 1986 NR MI1491 and 1515 Baldwin and 1480 Townsend

St. Cyprian Church Historic District, October 17, 1993 — 6114 28th Street at Milford Avenue

St. Florian Historic District, #84001865, September 13, 1984 — Bounded by Joseph Campau, Dequindre, Holbrook, Lumpkin, Norwalk andYemans in Hamtramck

St. John's Colored Methodist Episcopal Church Historic District, April 27, 1988 — 8715 Woodward and nine row houses near the intersection of Woodward and Gladstone

St. John's-St. Luke's Evangelical Church Local Historic District, June 25, 1982 NR 2120 Russell

St. Josaphat's Roman Catholic Church Local Historic District, December 16, 1983 NR MI715 East Canfield

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, 1972 NR MI1828 Jay Street

St. Stanislaus Historic District, December 14, 1990 NR MIThis includes St. Stanislaus Church and four other buildings related to the Church near the corner of Medbury and DuBois

St. Anne Parish Complex Historic District, December 16, 1997 NR MI1000 Ste. Anne Street

Scarab Club Local Historic District, JCC 1872 74, August 3, 1979 MI217 Farnsworth

Sherwood Forest Historic District, May 13, 2002 — Bounded, roughly, by Pembroke Road on the north; the western boundary of the Palmer Wood subdivision and Evergreen Cemetery on the east; Seven Mile Road on the south and the alley between Livernois Avenue and Warrington Drive on the west

State Savings Bank Building, State Savings Bank Building, August 5, 1983 NR MI151 West Fort Street

Sugar Hill Historic District, — Both sides of East Canfield, East Forest and Garfield between Woodward and John R

Campbell Symington House, JCC 3012 14, December 28, 1978 — 3977 Second Avenue

Trinity Episcopal Church, December 21, 1979 NR MI1519 Martin Luther King

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, November 26, 1979 NR MI1335 to 1345 Gratiot

Charles Trowbridge House, March 8, 1982 NR MI1380 East Jefferson

Trumbell Avenue Presbyterian Church, JCC2482 85, November 5, 1982 — 1435 Brainard

Turkel Benbow House, JCC 2135 38, October 5, 1979 — 2760 West Seven Mile Road

Mies van der Rohe Residential District, 1996 NRLafayette Avenue, Rivard, Antietam and Orleans Streets in downtown Detroit

Virgina Park Historic District, November 22, 1982 NR MIBoth sides of Virginia Park from Woodward to the
John Lodge Service Drive in Detroit

Warren-Prentis Historic District, January 17, 2001 NR MIBounded, roughly, by Prentis, Third Avenue, Warren and Woodward

Water Board Building Historic District, August 23, 2002 — 735 Randolph

West Canfield Historic District, 1970, JCC 1672 73 NR MIWest Canfield between Second and Third

West Corktown Addition to the Corktown Historic District, September 25, 1998 — Bounded, roughly, by the Fisher Freeway and Michigan on the north, 14th Street and Wabash on the west, Bagley on the south and Rosa Parks Boulevard and Vermont on the east

West Village Historic District, February 25, 1983 NR MIBounded, approximately, by East Jefferson, Kercheval, Parker and Seyburn

David Whitney Historic Building Historic District, June 7, 2000 — 1553 Woodward at Grand Circus Park

Willis-Selden Historic District, Alley north of West Willis, Woodward and alley south of Selden

Women's Exchange Building, JCC 339, February 18, 1983 — 47 East Adams

Woodbridge Farms Historic District, December 13, 1991 NR MIThis includes the east side of Trumbull and both sides of Lincoln from Canfield
Note: In the State of Michigan and federal registry of historic places, this area is identified as the Woodbridge Neighborhood Historic District.

Zion Lutheran Church Historic District
, February 6, 1995 MI4305 Military at Buchanan


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