Fyfe Shoe Building

Grand Circus Park at Woodward in Downtown Detroit

Cass Gilbert, a leading New York architect in the early 20th century, designed the magnificent Detroit Public Library and the impressively attractive James Scott Fountain on Belle Isle. He also pioneered a Gothic commercial style of architecture with the Woolworth Building in New York that he completed in 1913. The Detroit firm of Smith, Hinchman and Grylls introduced Gothic commercial to Detroit with the 14-story Fyfe Shoe Building located at the intersection of thoroughfares at Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit. Richard F. Fyfe was a Detroit merchant who earned his fortune as a shoe merchant in the late 19th century.

At one point in the revitalization of downtown Detroit, this building was, I believe, scheduled to be demolished so that parking lots could be laid down for Comerica Park and Ford Field. Instead it was recycled and now offers condominiums to people who wish to live close to downtown.

Architects: Fred Smith, Theodore Hinchman and Maxwell Grylls
Date of Completion: 1919
This building is not listed on any historical register.


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