Industrial Sites


Company Factory/Hudson Motor Car Company

Banner Cigar Company

Briggs Manufacturing Company

David Dunbar Buick Motor Company Commemorative Designation

Buick Motor Car Company/Canfield Lofts

Cass Motors/Dalgleish Cadillac/Carhartt Store

Chrysler Conner Avenue Assembly Plant

Cadillac's Amsterdam Street Plant

Cass Motors

Chrysler's Mack Avenue Engine Plants I and II

Clayton-Lambert Manufacturing

Columbia Automobile

Continental Motors

Crescent Brass and Pin Company

Detroit Dry Dock Company

Detroit Salt Mine

Detroit Edison Beacon Street Plant

Detroit Edison River Rouge Power Plant

Detroit Edison Willis Avenue Plant

Ford River Rouge Plant

Birthplace of John and Horace Dodge Commemorative Designation

Ivan Doverspike Company

Eureka Iron Works/First Bessemer Steel Production

B. F. Everitt Carriage Trimming Company/
Briggs Manufacturing Company/
Columbia Automobile

Studebaker Plant/ Everitt-Metzger-Flanders
Company Plant

Fisher Body, Plant Number 21

Birthplace of the Ford Automobile

Henry Ford's Village Industries

F150 Ford Plant

Ford Highland Park Complex

Ford Motor, Piquette Avenue Plant

Ford Power Plant

Ford River Rouge Plant

General Motors Cadillac Division

General Motors Research Labratory

Globe Tobacco Building

Globe Trading Company

Graham-Paige Automobile Factory

Graybar Electric Company/ Board of Education
Department of Audio Visual Services Building/
Lofts at 55 West Canfield

Eighteenth Century Gristmill Site Informational Designation

Hamilton Steel/Scripps-Booth

Hudson Motor Car Company/Aerocar Company Factory

Hudson Plant on Connor

Hupp Automobile Company

I-94 Industrial Park

Ireland and Matthews Manufacturing Plant

Letts Industries Building/Standard Motor Truck Company

Liberty Motor Car Company

Lincoln Motor Company Plant

Mazer-Cressman Cigar Company Building/
City of Detroit, Department of Human Services

Elijah McCoy Workshop

Milford Mill, Powerhouse and Plant

Mistersky Power Generation Plant

Nash-Kelvinator Administration Building/
Plymouth Road Office Complex

Ransom Eli Olds Commemorative Marker

Packard Motor Car Company

Pfeiffer Brewing Company

Proctor-Keefe Body Company/Danto Furniture Warehouse

Rickenbacker Motor Company

Russell Industrial Complex

San Telmo Cigar Factory

Scripps-Booth/Hamilton Steel

Frederick M. Sibley Lumber Company Office Building

Standard Motor Truck Company/Letts Industries Building

Frederick Stearns & Company Building

Studebaker Plant/ Everitt-Metzger-Flanders
Company Plant

Warren Motor Car Company

Willys Overland Building/Willys Overland Lofts

Zug Island


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