State of Michigan
Department of History, Arts and Libraries

Information Sites, Commemorate Designations and Informational
Designations in Wayne County

Note: These are commemorative designations of locations in Wayne County where an important historic occurred. In almost all of these locations a State of Michigan Historical Marker was erected, but there are a few sites where no marker has yet been put up. The date of its dedication is shown in the list below. However, it is often challenging to find a State of Michigan Historical Marker for one of several reasons:

• It may have been placed inside a building and few people know exactly where it is located.
• It may have been located in a specific place, but subsequent remodeling of a building occurred or the area changed where the State
of Michigan marker is. It disappeared for other reasons, including some that are now missing because they were appropriated for personal use.

Listed below you will find the date when the historic designation was approved and the date when the historical marker was erected.; HM means State of Michigan Historical Marker. All locations are in the city of Detroit except where noted. The location of sites outside the city of Detroit is shown with the name of the location in bold and underlined.

Battle of Mongaugon Informational Designation, P25,354, September 25, 1956 — Elizabeth Park at the intersection of Slocum and West Jefferson in Trenton; HM August 9,

Colonel Thornton Fleming Brodhead’s Office, P25,377, January 19,1978 — 20608 East River Road Grosse Ile; HM
June 3, 1980

Church of the Annunciation Informational Designation, P25,050, January 18, 1980 — 707 East Lafayette; HM
August 28, 1980.
I do not know why this is an informational designation. There is a large Greek Orthodox Church—the Church of the Annunciation—at this location.

Cannons of Oliver Hazard Perry, P25,026, listed September 10, 1979 100 The Strand in front of Dossin Museum on Belle Isle

Marguerite deAngeli Library, P35,230 Listed July 15, 1979 — 921 Nepessing Street, Lapeer

Detroit’s First Public School Informational Site, P25,079, August 23, 1956 — Woodbridge Street near Shelby
No historical marker has been erected yet.

Eighteenth Century Gristmill Informational Site, P25,379, March 23, 1965 — East River Road, Grosse Ile; HM
July 2, 1965

Elkton Depot, Huron and Eastern Railroad, P23, 319,  Listed August 22, 1985d — 76 North Main Street

Elmwood Cemetery Gatehouse, P25,085 1000 Elmwood Street near the intersection of East Lafayette and Mount Elliott

William Ferguson Informational Site, P25,093, November 14, 1974 — 661 Alfred; HM July 22, 1975

Ford Motor Company Informational Site, P25,111, January 19, 1978 — Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit; HM
May 10, 1978

Elizabeth Denison Forth Home Informational Site, P25,118, December 14, 1976 — 328 Macomb
No historical marker has been erected.

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church/Prayer Temple of Love Cathedral, P25,31812375 Woodward in Highland Park

Highland Towers Apartments, Highland Heights-Stevens Subdivision Historic District. P25,32012850 Woodward in Highland Park

Hunt Street Police Station/Third Precinct Police Station, P25,2642200 Hunt Street at the junction of Hunt, Dubois and
Gratiot near Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market

William Lambert Home Informational Site, P25,156 November 14, 1974 — 1930 East Lafayette; HM June 3, 1975

Le Cote du Nord-Est Informational Site, P25,159 September 17, 1974 — Joseph Campau Avenue at the Detroit River; HM November 14, 1974

Father John A. Lemke Informational Designation P25,161 March 19, 1980 — Inside St. Albertus Roman Catholic Church at 4231 St. Aubin; HM January 21, 1981

Livonia Revolutionary War Soldiers Informational Designation, P25,329 January 16, 1976 — Livonia Bicentennial Park at the intersection of West Seven Mile and Wayne Roads, Livonia; HM July 28, 1976

Marlette Depot, P19,690 Listed August 16, 20013325 Main Street in downtown Marlette

Pigeon Depot, Huron and Eastern Railroad, P23321 Listed August 21, 198759 North Main Street in downtown Pigeon

Saginaw Pere Marquette Depot/Flint and Pere Marquette East Saginaw Station/Potter Street Station, P674, December 19, 1991
501 Potter Street, Saginaw

John Sell Farmstead, P25351; Listed February 23, 198120904 Northline Road, Taylor, Michigan

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, P25,232, June 15, 1979 — 64 East Monroe at St. Antoine in Greektown near downtown Detroit; HM August 1, 1980

Plymouth Informational Designation, P25, 341 December 21, 1978 Plymouth City Hall, 201 South Main Street, Plymouth

Trinity United Methodist Church/New Mount Moriah Baptist Church, P25,327 Listed, August 3, 1982, in the Woodward Avenue Religious Structures Thematic Resource13100 Woodward in Highland Park

(Detroit) Urban League Informational Designation, P25,076, March 2, 1976 — 208 Mack Avenue; HM, August 29, 1978


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