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Historic Districts in Wayne County
Date of Preparation of this list: November, 2006

NR. This indicates the State of Michigan Historic District is also listed on the
National Register of Historic Places.
Note: All of these districts are in the city of Detroit unless otherwise noted.
Forty-seven State of Michigan historic districts are listed here.

Arden Park—East Boston Historic District, P4494 NR — Arden Park and East Boston between Woodward and Oakland

Bay View Association Community, June 15, 1992 — Bordered on the North and West by Little Traverse Bay, on the East by North Division Road and on the south by a variety of streets and property lines, Bay View, MI

Belle Isle White House, P25,046, September 10, 1979 On the east side Inselruhe Avenue between Loiter Way and The Strand

Beverly Road Historic District, P3524 NR — 23 to 45 Beverly Road, Grosse Pointe Farms

Boston-Edison Historic District, P4477, December 11, 1973 NR — Bounded, approximately, by Atkinson, Glynn Court, Linwood and Woodward

Belle Isle Historic District, P25,046, September 10, 1979 NR — Belle Isle in the Detroit River

Capitol Park Historic District P35,753 NR — Structures bordering Capitol Park on Grand River, Michigan and State

Cass-Davenport Historic District, P26,205 NR — Bounded roughly, by Cass, Davenport and Martin Luther King

Abraham, Chapman Historic Markerin Tricentennial Park on the Detroit River neart he intersection of St. Aubin and Atwater

Charlotte Depot, Michigan Central Railroad, 430 North Cochrane between Stoddard and McClure Streets, CharlotteP27,731; August 26, 1999

Cherry Hill Historic District, P47,781 NR — Cherry Hill and Ridge Road Canton Township

Corktown Historic District, P34.985 NR — Bounded, roughly, by Bagley, the John Lodge Freeway, Michigan,
Rosa Parks Boulevard, Porter and Trumbull.

Cultural Center Historic District, P25,056 NR — 5200 and 5201 Woodward and 100 Farnsworth

Detroit City Cemetery, P25,060 Listed January 27, 1983 At the corner of Gunston Street and Hern Street near Connor on Detroit’s Far East Side

Dow (Alden B.) Home and Studio, P67 — 315 Post Street, Midland

Dow (Herbert Henry) Home, P681038 Main Street, Midland

East Ferry Historic District, P4,495, February 14, 1976 NR — East Ferry from Woodward to Beaubien

East Grand Boulevard Historic District, P29,448 NR — East Grand Boulevard from East Jefferson to Mack

East River Road Historic District, P25, 378, June 16, 1972 NR — East River Road in Grosse Ile

Eastern Market Historic District, P25,084, July 26, 1974 NR — Bounded by Division, Gratiot, Riopelle and Rivard

Eastside Historic Cemetery District, P 25,085 NR — Bounded by Elmwood, Lafayette, Mt. Elliot, and Waterloo

Elliot Building, P35,409 — 1403 Woodward at the intersection with Grand River in downtown Detroit

Orson Everitt Home, P25,328 NR— 39040 West Seven Mile Road in Livonia

Henry Ford Homes Historic District, Beech Street, Edison Street, Francis Street, Gregory Street, East Military Street and Nona Street

Ford River Rouge Complex, P620, December 14, 1976 NR — 3001 Miller in Dearborn

Fort Wayne, P25,117, February 19, 1958 NR — 6053 West Jefferson

Frederick Avenue Historic District, P25,120 — 500 block of Frederick Avenue

Detroit Germantown, P39,745 — Bounded by Centre, Grand River and Randolph

Grand Circus Park Historic District, P25,129 NR — Bounded by Adams, Clifford and John R.

Grand Circus Park Historic District Boundary Increase, P47 594 NR — 25 West Elizabeth

Greektown Historic District, P25,132 NR — Monroe between Brush and St. Antoine

Highland Heights-Stevens’ Subdivision Historic District, P25,320 NR — Bounded, approximately, by East Buena Vista, Oakland, MassachusettsAnd Woodward in Highland Park

Indian Village Historic District, P4473, October 29, 1971 NR — Bounded by Burns, Iroquois, East Jefferson and Mack

Jefferson-Chalmers Historic Commercial District Both sides of East Jefferson from Eastlawn Avenue to Alter Road in northeastern Detroit.

Keith (Angus) Residence, P 25,383, November 16, 1989 — 9510 Horse Mill Road near the western shore of Grosse Ile, Grosse Ile

Livonia Revolutionary War Soldiers Informational Designation, P25,329 Listed January 16, 1976 — Located in Bicentennial Park at the northwest corner of the intersection of West Seven Mile Road and Wayne Road, Livonia

Lower Woodward Avenue Historic District, P35,409 NR — 1201 to 1449 and 1400 to 1456 Woodward

Manchester Apartments, P25, 167 — 2016 East Jefferson

Medbury’s Grove Lawn Subdivision Historic District, P25,325 NR — Bounded, roughly, by Hamilton, Louise, Puritan and Woodward inHighland Park

Michigan State Fair Grounds, P25,175 September 17, 1957 — Bounded, roughly, by Eight Mile Road, West State Fair and Woodward

Midtown Woodward Historic District, —

Mies van der Rohe Historic District/Lafayette Park, P2577 Bounded, roughly, by Rivard Street, Lafayette Avenue, Orleans Street and Antietam Street in downtown Detroit

North Milford Village Historic DistrictBounded by Canal, North Milford Road, Atlantic, Union, Hickory East, First, Summit, North Main, East Commerce, West Liberty, East Liberty, Center, and West Commerce, Milford, MI

New Amsterdam Historic District, P47,597 NR — Buildings on Amsterdam, Burroughs, Cass, Second and York

Northville Historic District, P25,338 NR — Bounded, approximately, by Cady, Randolph and Rogers in Northville

Palmer Park Apartment Building Historic District, P25,194 NR — Bounded by Covington, West McNichols and Pontchartrain

Palmer Park Boulevard Apartment Buildings Historic District, P25,326 NR — 1981, 2003 and 2025 West McNichols in Highland Park

Palmer Woods Historic District, P25,195 NR — Bounded by Seven Mile Road, Strathcona and Woodward.

Park Avenue Historic District, P2,965 April 18, 1996 NR — 2209, 2233, 2323 and 2333 Park Avenue and113 and 119 Fisher Freeway

Ford's Plymouth Mill, P25,390, September 21, 1989 —
230 Wilcox in Plymouth, very near the intersection of Wilcox and Hines Drive

Randolph Street Commercial Buildings Historic District, P25,205 NR — 1208 to 1244 Randolph

Redford Cemetery/Bell Branch Cemetery, P25,209, Listed June 13, 1986Telegraph Road at Puritan in Detroit and Redford Township

Rosedale Gardens Historic DistrictBounded by Merriman, Hubbard, Plymouth and West Chicago in Livonia

Simmons, Joshua Home, P25,332 Listed August 13, 1971 — 38125 Base Line Road, Livonia

St. Florian Historic District, P25,314 NR — Bounded by Joseph Campau, Holbrook, Dequindre, Norwalk, Lumpkin and Yemens in Hamtramck

St. Theresa of Avila Roman Catholic Church, P25,235 — 8666 Quincy Avenue on Detroit’s West Side

Sugar Hill Historic District, P47,708 NR — Bounded by Canfield, Forest, John R. and Woodward

Virginia Park Historic District, P25,274 NR — Virginia Park from Woodward to the John Lodge Service Drive

Warren-Prentis Historic District, P26,939 NR — Bounded, approximately, by Prentis, Third, Warren and Woodward

Washington Boulevard Historic District, P25,278 NR — Washington Boulevard from Clifford to State

Wayne State University Historic District, P25,280, January 19, 1957 NR — 4735 to 4841 Cass

West Canfield Historic District, P4,470, November 6, 1970 NR — West Canfield between Second and Third

West Canfield Historic District Boundary Increase, P26,167 NR — 4301-4313, 4317 and 4325 Third

West Vernor – Junction Historic District, P47,620 NR — West Vernor Highway between Cavalry and Lansing

West Vernor - Lawndale Historic DistrictBoth sides of West Vernor between Cabot and Ferris in southwest Detroit

– Springwells Historic District, P47,621 NR — West Vernon Highway from Honorah to Norman

West Village Historic District, P290 NR — Bounded by Kercheval, East Jefferson, Parker and Seyburn

Willis-Selden Historic District, P26,553 NR — Bounded, roughly, by Selden, Third, West Willis and Woodward

Woodbridge Neighborhood Historic District,
P26,553 NR — Bounded, approximately, by Calumet., Gibson, Grand River, Trumbull, Twelfth Street, West Warren, Wabash, the Grand Trunk Railroad Tracks and the EdselFord Expressway

Woodbridge Neighborhood Historic District Boundary Increase, P21,792 NR — 4304 to 4308 and 4314 Trumbull and 3800 Grand River

Woodward East Historic District, P25,292, September 17, 1994 NR — Bounded approximately by Alfred, Brush, Edmund, John R. and Woodward


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