14 Charlotte

10 Peterboro

25 Peterboro

2951 Woodward

2969 Woodward

3100 Woodward


Midtown Woodward Historic District

All building located between 2951 Woodward and 3124 Woodward and a Victorian home at
25 Peterboro. One of the Woodward Buildings has an address at 14 Charlotte
and another has 10 Peterboro

This is one of the newest historic districts in Detroit added to the National Register. It joined the National Register in 2008. It is an eclectic collection of buildings dating from the first two decades of the Twentieth Century with one possible exception. Some of the major buildings in this historic district are the following:

The Addison Hotel, 14 Charlotte. This is one of the few Detroit hotels designed by Albert Kahn. This attractive structure was built in 1905. It contained 50 luxury apartments. On the first floor was the Florentine Room with a crystal glass dance floor. With therevitalization of downtown Detroit, this building was converted into apartments. The website provides some information about its history: http://www.addisonapartments.com/

The Crystal Ballroom, 3100 Woodward. This was built in 1919. It was recently converted into commercial space on the ground floor, and lofts at the higher levels. There are 13 condominiums here and four penthouses at the top level. In 2008, an upscale super market opened on the first level, but it went out of business within a year. Website: http://www.crystallofts.com/index.html

Fine Arts Theater, 2952 Woodward. This building was designed by C. Howard Crane in 1914 for showing black and white movies. Notice how small it is—only 582 seats—compared to the very large theaters Crane later designed for Detroit, including the Fox Theater. This motion picture theater closed in 1980 and awaits redevelopment.

Print Shop, 3408 to 3414 Woodward. Albert Kahn designed this building in 1912, but it was not built until after the conclusion of World War I in 1918. It was used by a printing firm. In March, 2006, plans were announced for a 2.4 million dollar project to remodel this building for commercial use.

Temple Beth El, 3424 Woodward. This temple was designed by George Mason and Albert Kahn and opened in 1902. It was the first synagogue to be located in Detroit’s Lower Piety Row. It is listed in the National Register and the State of Michigan Register and is included in the Woodward Avenue Religious Structure Multiple Parcel Survey. This temple is now Wayne State University’s Bonistelle Theater.

Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 9, 2951 Woodward.

25 Peterboro. This Victorian home was undergoing renovation in 2009 to become a rental property. Indeed, I had to wait for a landscaper to finish his work before taking a picture. I do not know the architect or date of construction.

City of Detroit Designated Historic District: The City of Detroit’s Peterboro-Charlotte Historic District includes the south side of Peterboro between Park Avenue and Woodward, the north side of Charlotte between Park and Woodward and the east side of Park between Charlotte and Peterboro. That historic district appears to include the properties in the new Midtown Woodward Historic District located at 10 Charlotte and 25 Peterboro.
State of Michigan Registry of Historic Sites: Not listed
National Register of Historic Places: Listed 2008
Use in 2009: A variety of residential, commercial and residential uses.
Photographs: Ren Farley, July 18, 2009
Description prepared: July, 2009


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